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Thirteenth Generation, Generation X, Generation Echo, Generation Y, Millenials, whatever you call yourself, Who the hell are we anyway? I was born right on the cusp of the Gen X to Gen Y “conversion. Perhaps it’s the reason I tend to be so entrepreneurial, independent-minded with an aversion to authority yet technologically progressive, innovative, ambitious and accepting of the changing times. Before I begin, I know there are many out there who are still relatively confused about the whole “Gen X vs. Gen Y” subject.

Founder of wiseGEEK, Denis Grosz, defines Gen X’ers as…

Denis[The] term used to describe the people born roughly between 1960 and 1980. It is sandwiched between the Baby Boomer and Millennial generations. Stereotyped as having characteristics such as a lack of direction and cynicism, members of this group they have been influenced by a wide range of cultural and political shifts, perhaps most notably the development of various technologies. []American mother and writer.  Are You There, God? It’s Me, Generation X

Accredited public relations practitioner, professional advocate and registered lobbyist, Jennifer James, describes Gen X’ers in one of her blog posts featured at technorati.com entitled, Eight Generation X Blogs To Read Now and creator of Jenx67.com wrote…

“You know how to tell whether or not you’re a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer or a member of Gen Y? If you don’t readily know, then chances are you’re a member of Generation X. Based on my experience, the reason is because Boomers always know they’re Boomers and Millennials (Gen Y) always know they’re Millennials. Blame it on generational pride. It’s the Gen Xers, stuck with a name that became a sort of pejorative, who don’t know what generation to which they belong.” []

The more conservative (although the Baby Boomers would highly disagree) Generation-X’ers (Gen X or the “13th Generation“) were born between 1961 and 1981. Although stereotyped as “lacking direction,” and possessing a “lack of respect for authority.” They seem to have some of the characteristics of the Baby Boomer generation (strong family values, jobs, etc…) Non-incidentally, The French even have their own Gen X’ers and refer to them as Génération Bof, which translates to “Generation Whatever.” ()

wiseGEEK.org contributor continues to define Gen Y’ers as…

“…the population group in the US born from somewhere around 1976 to around 2000. They are sometimes called echo boomers because some of them are the children of baby boomers. On the other hand, some Generation Y children, especially those born in the late 1980s or afterwards, may be the grandchildren of baby boomers. Other names for this group are the Millennials, the Internet Generation, and the abbreviated Gen Y or Gen Yers.” []

The Arizona We Want institute is acutely aware that the next generation of leaders are entering, or have already entered the marketplace.

The New EconomyIn the corporate, entrepreneurial, small business and even the network marketing sectors, these current and future generations are leading movements of grass roots policies, social and economic value. They are already amongst us, perpetuating and leading the New Economy (that is, regardless of whether or not you accept it or not, already changing everything.)

Marana ManifestoI, myself, attended the Marana Manifesto Project and had an amazing opportunity to meet some incredible men and women of both of these two generations.

Michael TuckerOne such visionary was Michael Tucker, CEO and Founder of the Tucson-based marketing and Communications company Social Mobile Buzz and the blog MrMichaelTucker.com. Michael and I had the opportunity to continue some of these discussions over lunch and my wife and I were honored to be invited to attend his 34th birthday dinner and had the opportunity to meet his wife and a few of his close friends. What an amazing group of people he and his wife have surrounded themselves with. Michael is just one of the Gen X’ers who seemingly contradicts the stereotypes of Gen X’ers by choosing to share his natural and developed talents, bringing value to the business world and to other young up and coming entrepreneurs.

At The Marana Manifesto Project event I attended, there were three questions we were to answer, vote on, agree upon and submit to the leading organization. These questions were:

  1. I will lead the change I want to see by…
  2. I would stay in Arizona forever if…
  3. Our generation is…

“Our Generation Is…” raised a lot of debate amongst us. Michael and I seemed to “click” and, regardless of what he may think about the event of the event itself, speak each other’s mind. We all eventually agreed on what we believe our “generation to be” is – although not all fundamentally agreed, we democratically “agreed to disagree.”

Essentially, I don’t think WE really even know who we really are or how we either should be defined, or wish to be defined as. I recall speaking up about my own interpretation of these newer Gen Y’ers, or “Millenials” as possessing the annoying characteristic of “self-entitlement.” That’s just been my experience with them so far… Just sayin’.

I read an article this morning written by Gabriela Gotay (founder of Entrespective.com a blog for young professionals looking to expand their careers and turn talents into businesses)” [Source] and believe it to be highly relevant to today’s post.

Here’s a short excerpt:

What will be our legacy?Gabriela Gotay

The end of our journey? Some of us keep holding on and romanticizing our adolescent years, magnifying our struggles and still staking our childish claim to immortality. And to that last point, we are succeeding. Every day, multiple times a day as a matter of fact, we are carving the trail and planting the seeds of our legacy here and now, on a virtual web which is constantly, and independently, evolving into a big maze of profiles, tweets, posts and pins, which translates into a virtual representation of who we are becoming as a society, and what we are adding to the mix. We are the living net.

So, should that be our starting point? Should we take on the social movement and dominate it to its core? Should we feel entitled to that technology? After all, wasn’t it created for us?

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